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The Cross of Chains

'When mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear.

Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into illuminated faith, and fear into love'.

- Manly P Hall 

When the world appears to be spiraling into complete chaos, it is a reminder of how history repeats itself, and raises the question of where mankind is failing and where we are heading?

For those whom have stepped outside the box, so to speak, and removed themselves from the daily programming that takes place in our modern lives, it soon becomes obvious that something is very very wrong. We as a people seem so far removed and ignorant of the natural laws our ancestors once held sacred.

We have become programmed and brainwashed by a greedy minority of people, whom have infiltrated our monetary system, our governments, our spirituality via the creation of religions and wars using the divide and concur tact. A tactic used for thousands of years and one that can only lead to eventual destruction.

Through personal research over the past 20 or so years, it became quite obvious that HIStory is just that 'His Story'. What we have learnt in modern day schools does not necessarily represent the true facts and events of our ancient past. It is little wonder the ancestors once used oral stories with the aid of metaphors to protect their ancient wisdom held sacred for thousands upon thousands of years.

Many ancient sites and artifacts around the globe have been uncovered over the years and prove beyond a doubt, the existence of ancient civilizations and cultures. Yet so much of this evidence is silenced and never quite makes it to the mainstream media or public sector. The old saying, 'those who win the war, write the history books' couldn't be closer to the truth of the matter. So why hide it? Is it a case of having to rewrite the books or is it more so a mechanism of control?

Over the years I have been asked by a few, why concern yourself with history, when there is so much that needs tending to in our current day and age, in a world of dysfunction and greed? The answer is quite simple... When one can see the big picture, it is clear the ancients that lived via the natural laws whether it be indigenous tribes, the Gnostics, the Cathars, the celtic wise women, the shaman and witch doctors alike. These are the cultures and customs that have been systematically targeted and wiped out in the name of Religion, replaced with false concepts and a system of manipulated laws and agendas.

There are remnants of the ancient lores still remaining, and many clues left behind in stone and bone. Greater ancient knowledge and wisdom can alter the minds of man, that man can form a better social system, free from all the pressures that this present system holds.

The indigenous cultures around the world had it RIGHT, they were not savages as has been portrayed to us white fellas all our lives. They were clever, fair and lived as communities. If a person was ill, the medicine man would see to him/her without charge, medicines came from the land which holds cures for every disease known. Our current ways are to pay a doctor, whom only knows how to prescribe chemical drugs made by the big Pharma companies for a price and usually create many other ailments at the same time. We have to pay for seeing the doctor and the medication. They lived off REAL FOOD which the whole community hunted and gathered together, this is how their days were spent, with togetherness and laughter, a real community spirit.

In our modern world we work to make the rich richer, whilst most struggle to make ends meet. We are taught to want this and want that and be jealous of those that have more, many are trapped into 'Keeping up with the Jones's'. Most no longer grow their own natural foods which if eaten on a daily basis is the key to good health. Instead our time and freedom is given to those we are making money for. We are reduced to buying second grade vegetables and fruit (usually refrigerated for months on end, and hold little nutrient value) most living off processed foods- the key to disease.

The indigenous used to care for each other, respect each other, teach the children, work together for a common goal. We have to pay for our children to be educated, and much of the time, what they are taught is not how to survive, but how to make the rich more money. They know little about the universe and stars, little about hunting and gathering. Recent studies shows many children these days when asked where milk comes from will answer 'from a carton at the supermarket' knowing very little as to how the food chain works. They know nothing of healing through nature, but are taught to depend on the very ways that keep us enslaved to the system. They/we are PROGRAMMED through the television... shown how one should REACT in certain situations rather than having a common law of respect for one another.

We are conditioned to be against our fellow man instead of working together for a mutual goal of survival. This is done through violent video games, violent movies, magazines show us how we should look, how to be envious, how to hate that of another race or creed. We have become robots. Each and every day, more and more of our rights are taken away, that soon, to go back to the old ways we would be ridiculed or even charged.

Each day, more and more of the planet is destroyed by the mining companies and corporations all for money. There are many ways to produce natural energies without harming our mother earth, but these are not revealed to us as there is little money to be made from free energy. Science has proven the healing properties of sound and frequency, yet again this is not common knowledge to the majority of people.

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