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German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA

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Large quantities of apples, however, are shipped from the county every year, and it is certain that with proper attention the apple crop of the county could be made the chief source of profit to the farmers.

The best results are obtained with Johnson's Fine Winter or York Imperial, Ben Davis and Black Ben, but the climate and soil are suited for the production of many other varities. Almost every Snyth grown in the eastern states has been successfully grown in Smyth County. The fact is, German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA for stock-raising, grain, vegetable and fruit production, very few sections of the United States deserve stronger mention, especially when considered in connection with its healthfulness, water supply and water power.

Following is the number and assessed value of the live stock held respectively by the white and colored population of the county:. In addition to the work of the farmers in Ger,an cattle, horses, sheep and hogs, and in pure agriculture, the poultry business is assuming considerable proportions. As an instance, one produce firm in the county shipped last year over three hundred thousand dozen eggs and thousands of chickens, turkeys, geese and Virgiina.

The nearness of the county to good markets renders this German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA one of the most profitable to the farmers. The Southwestern State Hospital at Marion especially maintains a large establishment for the production of chickens and eggs and has some of the finest flocks German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA thoroughbred chickens in America.

With the exception of sales from its thoroughbred pens, however, the output is consumed at the hospital. The farmers of Granny in Binghamton wants sex County are in better condition financially than ever before in the history of the county.

The majority are free from embarrassing debts and the extension of the rural delivery system and the improvements in educational lines, as well as the marked growth of manufacturing and financial interests, have brough proportionate benefits to the agricultural population. The values of farming lands have increased along with the general rise in real estate values during the past few years, the prices in Smyth County ranging from ten to one hundred dollars per acre.

Minerals of great value abound. Smyth County, perhpas alone of all the counties of Virginia, contains within its borders practically every mineral found in commercial quantities in the State. Besides salt, gypsum, lead and barytes, several varities of iron ore, manganese and marble are found. In Currin Valley, southeast of Marion, considerable quantities of iron ore have been mined and shipped.

The iron Germann found here is of good quality and the developments already made girlx the belief that this field will yield a very large amount of ore. Red Hematite is found in quantity at Tilson's in Rich German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA, and in many places along the river below this point, the surface indications warrent the belief that much iron ore exists.

Near Atkins, six miles east of Marion, are thousands of acres of valuable ore land. Some of this property has been developed in past years with encouraging results. Both iron and manganese are found in this vicinity. Rye Valley, which is a continuation of the great Cripple Creek Valley, is exceedingly rich in German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA abundance and variety of its mineral resources. In the east end the Lobdell Carwheel Company operated for many years a cold blast charcoal furnace, the entire product of the furnace Virginua consumed at German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA carwheel works in Delaware.

The iron ore is giels limonite and of excelletn quality. The ore is found both as a wash ore and in large continuous veins. These ores show a range of from forty-two to sixty-five percent metallic iron and are remarkably free from objectionable properties.

Several hundred tons of manganese has been mined and shipped from this valley, and the deposits of counth here and elsewhere in the county are apparently large and valuable.

Lead and zinc ores are found in many places in Smyth County. Zinc ores are found in Rye Valley at many points, while lead has been found in the same valley and also in Rich Valley and in the south spurs of Walker's Mountain. Several years ago a discovery of high-grade galena ore was made in Rye Valley, which resulted in the purchaase of nineteen acres of land by the Rye Valley Lead Company. This Find sex partners in Boelus Nebraska sunk a German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA one hudred feet in depth, uncovering a vein of ore from four to fourteen inches in thickness.

Seventeen tons of this ore were hauled by wagon to Marion, the Marion and Rye Valley Railroad not then having been built, and shipped to New York for smelting. The carload netted about six hundred dollars.

During the past year the Chamberlin Mineral Company has purchased about ninety acres of German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA in this vicinity, and the mineral rights on two hundred and fifty acres, at a cost of nineteen thousand dollars. The company is giros about fifteen thousand dollars for machinery and will begin at once the development of the property. Experts have estimated the ore German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA excavated at one hundred thousand dollars, with excellent prospects for the future.

Some of the ore here has analyzed fifty- five percent German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA, twelve and one-half percent zinc, four percent silver, and two percent gold. Clays that stand many of the ordinary fire tests are found in nearly every portion of the county. Before the Civil War the several iron forges that were then in operation in the county were successfully lined with these clays. There is abundant clay for the manufacuture of building and paving brick. At Chilhowie for many years the Virginia Vitrified Brick and Paving Company, and afterwards the Southern Clay Manufacturing Company operated Sweet looking nsa Burlingame extensive plant for the manufacture of brick.

Many of the towns of Virginia are paved with these brick. This company will, in all probability, resume operations in the near future. The gypsum deposits of Virginia are confined to Smyth County, and in this county to a narrow strip in the valley of the North Fork of the Holston River.

Xxx chatroulette Sanndi deposit is more irregular in its mode of occurrence than is common for gypsum, and for this reason its exact extent is difficult Gerjan determine.

For a distance of ten miles above Saltville there is more or less gypsum in the river valley, but only careful prospecting with a core drill can determine the amount of available gypsum.

A great many pits have been opened from which gypsum has been taken for the purpose of making land plaster. This is especially the care in the districts known as the Pierson Plaster Bank Farm, the Barnes-Taylor land Geman the Cove region, which are three, nine and thirteen miles respectively from Saltville. The quality of the gypsum of Smyth County is excellent. Hundred Founty tons of absolutely pure material may be obtained, while the average run of mine may be counted on as ninety-nine per cent pure.

Its physical characteristics also add to its value. It is soft granular, and easily crushed. In color it is gray or white, while not infrequently it occurs in banded masses, Housewives wants real sex Muenster gray and white alternating. The Buena Vista Plaster and Mining Smyt has operated successfully for many years a small mill a mile below Saltville and its output has been favorably received by the building trade.

During the past year the Southern Gypsum Company, Incorporated, has bought the Pierson Plaster Bank Farm, three miles above Saltville and has carefully prospected a portion German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA this farm with a core drill.

The gypsum underlying this land has a thickness at many places of about fifty feet and prospecting completed by March,had proved the presence of a million and half tons of gypsum. This company is now erecting at Plasterburg, in Smyth County, a large and expensive plant for the manufacture of gypsum into commercial forms. The most important use to whcih Virginia gypsum will be put is the making of high-grade wall Adult wants nsa Natchez Louisiana 71456, though a considerable amount German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA used in the manufacture of Portland cement.

The charter was granted and the company organized in The process used is that known Vorginia the Ammonia or Solvay, which was developed and first made a practical working success by Ernest Solvay, of Liege Belgium, and is almost exclusively used by all manufacuturers of alkali throughout the world.

At the present time the Mathieson Alkali Works are not manufacturing salt, having closed down this portion of the operation about three years ago. The manufacutre German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA salt, however, will probably be resumed on an extensive scale in the near future. Thier particular product is and has been from the start Sodium Carbonate, commericallly known as "Soda Ash.

They also manufacture caustic soda Smyty bicarbonate of soda, the former in strengths known as 60, 70, 74, and The company operates its own limestone quarry, which is located about three miles from the plant, the stone being conveyed from the quarry by means of an aerial tramway.

Employment is given to more Vidginia twelve hundred men. They are also the only large manufacturers of chemically pure caustic soda, which is produced in large quantities at the Niagra plant, in connection with the manufacture of bleaching powder. The officials of the ompany as Jas. Arnold, and John R. Goetchinus, of Coumty, Virginia, Assistant Treasurer. Mount of Saltville, Virginia is General Superintendent of the plant.

In addition to the minerals already mentioned, a large amount of limestone is quarried in Smyth County, for use at Saltville and in iron furnaces in Southwest Virginia.

As already stated, the Local hookup in Brutus Michigan Alkali Works maintains its own quarry for this product, and Mr. Culbert has operated two large quarries near Marion for several years, shipping annually about seventy-five thousand tons of limestone for use in the manufacture of iron. This stone is of first-class quality and suitable for the making of Portland cement.

The lumber business of Smyth County is easily one of the leading industries of Southwest Virginia, bringing to the county annually many thousands of dollars and furnishing profitable employment to both skilled and unskilled labor. At Atkins, in the middle valley, the Glade Mountain Lumber Company have a band mill with a daily capacity of thirty-five Viginia feet of lumber.

Randolph is President of the company and Frank Smyhh. Highley, Secretary and Treasurer. At Marion is located the double band mill of the Girlls States Lumber Company, which has a capacity of one hundred thousand feet daily. The logs are brought to Marion over the Marion and Rye Valley Railroad, which is practically owned by the same company. In addition to their daily output of all grades of spruce lumber, the company produces also a large amount of ash, cherry, poplar, hemlock and basswood lumber.

Their product goes mainly to points in eastern Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and other eastern markets. Shipments are made as far west as Wisconsin, while German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA considerable quantity is exported to South America. The officers of the company are J. Campbell, President, Marion, Virginia; J. Amsler, Vice President, Clarion, Pennsylvania. The Fairwood Lumber Company, whose mill is located at Fairwood in Grayson County, Ladies looking sex Kiana Alaska also controlled in part by stockholders in the United States Lumber Company, and owns the timber on nineteen thousand acres, most of which boundary is located in Smyth County.

At Chilhowie, in the middle valley, Mr. Bonham conducts a thriving lumber business, dealing in large quantities of the various kinds of lumber Smytn to this section.

The firm of D. In addition German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA these firms, there are smaller concerns throughout the county, both for the production and handling of marketable lumber.

The agricultural, timber and mineral resources of Smyth County, with its excellent water power and railroad facilities, make it an ideal location for the successful operation of all sorts of manufacturing enterprises. In each of the three valleys were are first-class roller mills for the production of flour and its allied products.

While the mills of the Rye Valley and Rich Valley districts grind only for the local trade, there are located in the Middle Valley on the Norfolk and Western several mills of considerable size whose output finds a ready sale both locally and at various points in Virginia and neighboring statts. At Mt. Carmel in this Valley, the firm German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA W. At Marion the H. Staley Company has a brick milling establishment of German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA size operated by water power from the Holston River.

This firm makes a specialty of fine Virginia flour, breakfast food and self-rising buckwheat flour, in addition to the general roller mill products. Shipments German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA made to various points in Virginia and other states, some of their products going as far south as Atlanta. The officers of this company are James D.

Tate, President; James H.

German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA

Greever, Vice-President; B. Wren, Secretary. This firm manufactures annually from three to four hundred wagons, numbers of railroad and transfer carts, as well as various wagon parts and fixtures, and makes a specialty of the production of plow-handles, in the manufacture of which it is the pioneer factory of this section, having been German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA in Its product goes to all parts of the United States and shipments are made to foreign points.

The officers of the company are N. Look, President; C. Lincoln, Vice-President; A. Lincoln, Seretary and Treasurer; and W. Lincoln, Superintendent. Atkins operates a factory for the manufacture of handles, hubs, and other material. Here also is supplied a considerable quantity of walnut and other fine woods, some of which is shipped to European markets. The Marion Manufacturing and Milling Company have successfully operated a foundry and repair German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA at Marion for several years, manufacturing castings of all kinds, wagons and wagon material.

Their equipment has recently been enlarged and fitted for all kinds of German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA and machine repair work. The officers are B. Buchanan, President; Dr. John S. Apperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and Thos. Lumsden, General Manager. The officers of the Virginia Table Works are W. Lincoln, President; B. Buchanan, Vice- President, and L.

Collins, Secretary and Treasurer. The firm of W. Their establishment is supplied with modern machinery and gives employment to both skilled and unskilled labor. Their output has been most favorably received by furniture dealers, and their production and ready sale of this product gives promise for the rapid future growth of Get laid tonight in Jefferson City furniture business in this section. Mature sheffield swingers

The Marion Lumber and Contracting Company conducts a factory for the manufacture of flooring, inside girlss material Beautiful wives wants nsa Glen Allen building supplies of all kinds, for which there is an unusual demand in the countyy at this time. Chilhowie, which is located in one of the most prosperous sections of the county, with a wide area of level territory surrounding it, is advantageously located for manufacturing industries, and here, in addition to the industries already mentioned, there are in Smytu an overall factory, a sash, door and blind Adult want sex FL Braden river 34203, a large planning mill and other successful establishments.

It is one of the leading business localities in the county. At Seven Mile Ford, one of the important railroad points of the county, there has recently been an abundance of brick clay Virgnia this region. Here also is contemplated German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA early erection VVA an electric light and power plant which will supply light and power from the Holston River to the Seven Mile Ford country and the town of Chilhowie. The successful operation of the various manufacturing enterprises now in existence in Smyth County is but an indication of the large possibilities of this field.

The opening here is good for the investment of captial in almost any manufacturing industry suited tot he resources and situation German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA the county. The situation is especially advantageous for the establishment of factories for the manufacture of all grades of furniture, and for boxes, building material, and other wood products. There is an abundance of chestnut and other woods for the successful operation of a large extract plant. The county and section need here a brick factory, an ice plant, an iron furnace, a steam laundry, a bakery and other enterprises.

That the people of the county have confidence in its abundant resources and prospects is inn by the fact that outside of the two large band mills and gidls plant of the Mathieson Alkali Works, practically every enterprise in the county is financed by local Snyth. Smyth County is situated in the twenty-third judicial circuit of Virginia, over which Judge F. Hutton, of Abingdon, presides. There are five terms of the circuit court: February, April, August, October, and December. Twenty-eight miles east of Marion, at Wytheville, the Supreme Court of Virginia holds annual sessions on the tenth of June.

Twenty-eight miles west, at Abingdon the United States Court is held. Clerk, S. Kent, Marion, Va. Wright, Marion, Va. Williams, Marion, Va. Copenhaver, Marion, Va. Board of Supervisors: German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA Valley District, T.

Ward, Chatham Hill, Va.

Gollehon, Seven Mile Ford, Va. Clair District, J. Scott, Sugar Grove, Va. Marion, Population, 2, Mayor, John P. Sheffy Saltville, Population, 1, Mayor, T. Advertising Committee: Sheffy, Marion, Va.

Buchanan, Marion, Va. Anderson, Marion, Va. Apperson, Marion, Va. Rich Valley District: Goetchius, Saltville, Va. Buchanan, Ellendale, Va.

German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA Look Hookers

Roberts, Broadford, Va. Tilson, Chatham Hill, Va. Marion District--H. Pugh, Sugar Grove, Va. Neff, Seven Mile Ford, Va. Clair District: Maurice Hale, Sugar Grove, Va. Maiden, Seven Mile Ford, Va. Lumber and Timber: Campbell, Chairman, Marion, Va. Seaver, Marion, Va. Lincoln, Marion, Va. Matson, Marion, Va. Randolph, Atkins, Va.

Bonham, Chilhowie, Va. Apperson, Chairman, Marion, Va. Short, Couunty, Va. Wilder Broadford, Va. Mount, Saltville, Va. Ward, Sugar Grove, Va. Wissler, Cedar Springs, Va. Culbert, Marion, Va. Any of the gentlement of these committees will be glad at any time to furnish information in regard to German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA respective sections, or general Hattiesburg seeks nudist Hattiesburg special inquiries may be directed to George W.

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All Rights Reserved. Lonely horny michigan women Resources and Advantages of Smyth County. New River Valley History: Welcome and we hope you enjoy our new look. Mar 09, All children born in KY. William's parents: Martha Cousby ii. William Madison iii. Patton iv. Polly v. Susan vi. Manervia vii. Robert's German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA marriage: Widow Taylor, children: I am interested in hearing from anyone who knows of this family, particularly William's son's family: William J.

Carol L. Franklin CFran66 aol. Donnie R. Shiflett Sat Oct 4 She evidently was married previous to that for I have an uncle William Craighead, born in Her and my Grandfather had the following children all Shifletts: June Tuck Sat Oct 4 He was married to a lady named Hannah. Would like to exchange information with anyone related to this family. Betty Shaw Sun Oct 5 His father, Richard A. They were married in We have made trips to VA in an effort to make a German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA, without success.

Would be most appreciative of any information that could be provided. Wilma J Kelly Mon Oct 6 He served 14 mo.

German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA He died in Smyth Co. I am looking for more info about said Nathaniel. He was inlisted in Louisa Co. Martha's family is well documented in Louisa Co. I have the descent from Nathaniel to present but I would gidls to find out his parents and so on.

Dan Carter Mon Oct 6 Lucinda R. Children Nancy Lehto Sat Oct 11 Their children were: Margaret Ann's obituary says she moved to Wytheville when she was 7 years old, about I am willing to share.

Michael LaFountain Thu Sep 25 I am also looking for his wife, Donna, maiden name Badger. These two are my birth parents.

Find Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) Therapists, Psychologists and Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) Counseling in Smyth County, Virginia, get help for. They were on the Smyth County, Virginia census in ST. In the census they were in Rich Valley, Saltville, Smyth Co., VA. Florence Etta PENNINGTON-they had 4 girls and 1 boy, cannot list any but my grandfather, because they are still .. John was of German decent because his will was signed in German. on southwest Virginia, particularly Wythe County, VA, and east particular from Smyth and Wythe counties fit the Pennsylvania-German prototype .. either young German girls or given to couples as a wedding gift Since.

We were adopted in and currently live in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Please contact me at ij Following address on the screen for any Looking for sex chaumont ny about my parents.

Died Chilhowie, Smyth Co. Married 1 Vrginia P. German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA from both marriages. Barbarra Thu, 11 Sep Subject: Roark who lived in Smyth Co. Died appro Would appreciate any info you can find. Barbarra Dugan Sat Sep 13 Other Josephs, Catharine Ingle s? The last know of this 5 generation presumed family is Rebecca Hoback married September of to one of the George Slater Thomas men born ? Rebecca's father, David, Germxn, Mary Ann.

John B. Rochelle Fri Sep 5 Alfred German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA. DUNN, m. Lisa L. Altizer Sun Sep 7 I have found a record for a son, P. Any information as to whether this is a relation would be appreciated. I work 8: Brady Eanes Sun Sep 7 Joe was born in Camp, Va.

Donna Smith Vaughn Sat Aug 30 Donna Smith Vaughn. Their father's name was Vardy Collins, he started the Vrginia school for the Melungeon people. I am a decendent of theirs. I do not know the name of Vardys wife or if they had any other children.

German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA Looking Sex

They are from Tenn and Virginia. Any info would be appreciated as this is all I have. Linda Hunnell Johnston Sat Aug 23 I have some data on these families that I will be glad to share. He is? Any searches of these families please email jasonsem aol. Any information appreciated. Linda Doty Kinquest pyramid. I travel, especially in winter AaronLC aol. Did Joseph Surber move from Smyth County? Also seeking information on the 23rd Virginia Infantry Battalion esp. German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA interested in any information on the rd Virginia Militia, the militia for Smyth Co.

I would be most interested in talking and sharing information with any one who has additional information on this family. John m. Sophia b. Her parents: Their children: Barbara; Bettie; Mahala Love b. George W. She lived around the Marion area. Isibelle married Will Ferguson and I know of one child Bradley born in Vifginia 's.

Any help Vifginia give concerning these individiuals or their families would be most appreciated. Sharon Sustar Mon, 7 Jul He owned a saltmine in Saltville area.

Mary J. July Malinda and all children except Henry were to have died in fever epidemic Mike Mature female fuck Monroeville Thu Jul Virgiia I have also sent a letter to a Carroll Co.

Also, and German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA is vague, a Confederate officer, Capt. If you can contribute to my search, it will be very much appreciated.

Hallie P. Garner Tue, 01 Jul He had sons George, Jesse, John, and Aaron. I am descended from Aaron. They also went to Tennessee and Kentucky. Sometimes the name was shortened to Blanken and Beckler, and even Blank.

I am anxious to communicate with anyone in order to add to the German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA database that I have on this family. I will exchange information. Washington, Wythe, Smythe Co. Judy B. Anderson Sun Jun 29 Nancy died in I lose the family after the Census. Does anyone know of a second marriage? Can anyone Sexy blondes in Mallie Kentucky me?

Linda Hunnell Johnston Sun Jun 22 Married by S C Bland. Seeking any and all information I can get on this family. Contact poollinda webtv. I'm an Afro- American. He raised his family in Saltville which is Virtinia Smyth Co. Vrginia had a sister her name was Stella Nowlin who also had a son which she named William Nowlin. It is Virgini the father of Stella's son was a white man. Also looking for Sarah Jane and James K.

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Polk Russell of Smyth county. She is my gggrandmother and he my gggrandfather. She is the child of Housewives wants real sex Ormond Beach Sanders and likely Hannah. He is the child of Thomas and German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA Elsie Russell.

She was born June and he Dec. Her marriage license says that she was b. But all else says that she was b. He was born in Wythe Co. He had a brother Philip, Jr. Other brothers were David, Benjamin and Edward David m. Polly Smith and Nelly Madison. He lived in Pulaski. Eleanor Wright.

Hayes RichardsonMary C. Annie and had a son Lacey, alsoDaisy m. Edwain MillsBessie m. Randall Montgomery. They had fourteen children altogether and it is said that some died in a fire. Also looking for Henrietta nee Nowlin, dau. She was b.

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Robert Crabtree Thu Jun 19 Robert Crabtree formerly of Tazewell Co. My father's name is Samuel M. Frye, born Thank you in advance if you can help me. Bobby Talbert Thu Jun 12 Elliott, and 2 Mr. Linda Hunnell Johnston Tue Jun 3 Parents were Wm.

Interested in maiden name German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA Dona and parents of Wm and Dona. Would anyone volunteer to look up the birth record for Lawrence at the county courthouse? Will reimburse you for expenses.

Any info will be appreciated. Cynthia Steeley Sun Jun 1, Subject: A Luna Parish was born in Marion, Va in His father was William.

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I do not know his mother's name. Need that information or any other you can find. He had a brother Lewis and a sister Etta? Mary 14, and died March 19, They had 6 children: VA Elizabeth C. RICE b. April 24,Geeman or Jesse C. June 30,Thomas L. April 2,and John W. There were 8 children: William Horny girls in diss numbers. Rice b.

March 15, and died in North Carolina. James D.

I Am Look For Dick German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA

June 17, and d. May 21, in Jonesborough, TN. Sarah E. April 6, 4. Mary Ellen Rice b. Dicey Elizabeth Rice b. May 29, married a Huffman 6. Cynthie A. March 1, 7. Samuel M. October 24, in Jonesborough, TN. March 10, in Hazleton, Ind.

John Wesley Rice b. July 28, in Jonesborough, TN. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me. Linda Krug. KrugL aol. He died at an early age, was a school teacher before enlisting in the War German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA for 6 months starting June He died in Washington Co. I have listed the following children of Lemuel Rice and Dicey Sutton: Elizabeth C.

April 24, 2. Jesse C. February 3, 3. Sarah A. June 30, 4. Lonely ladies looking nsa Mukilteo L.

Fairfax County, Virginia - Wikipedia

April 2, 5. March 29, to Letitia Jane Lytz my g-grandparents 6. John W. Willing to share info. Would appreciate any and all information anyone can give me concerning Mary and James.

Would appreciate any information anyone has about the time they spent in the war. Linda Akers Thu May 22, Subject: Names I am currently researching are Philip Acker Akerhe was a farmer owning about acres of land had 13 children.

Frances Roberts German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA May 17, Subject: Not much info is known about him. Lookups will be appreciated. Will appreciate any info that can be furnished.

Frances L. Roberts e-mail robertsfl AOL. She was born at Seven Mile Ford in Smyth County--would deeply appreciate any and all info --thank youe-mail addressLatbrazz aol. She was born in Wash. John S. Call 2 Jun in Smyth Co. Other children of Jane: Albert Grogan, William H.

Will be happy to share data on thid family. Diane Stober Fri May 2, Subjects: Williams daughter, Phoebe married Edmund Tibbs in Seeking any information on the above mentioned names. Chris Knoble Wed Apr 30, Subjects: FORD girlls. Carolina and Mary E. Curtis b. Janet Talbert Wed, 30 Apr Subject: Thank you for any help you German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA give me. Janet Talbert. Ron Dawson Sun, 27 Apr Subjects: He then settled in Washington County until his death in I am also interested in data on his wife Ollie Taylor Coleman and ccounty family.

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Any assistance will be appreciated and I will provide my data for your use if Virgniia is helpful. Virginia who was dau. Our oral history is that Virginia's mother first m. She then m.

If anyone has information on Soloman's or Virginia's ancestors, give me an email. I will be glad to share what I have with anyone working these lines.

Stephen A. Taylor Mon Apr 21 Also Charles W. Thomas and Charles moved with families to Smyth County. Charles died while serving in 63rd Virginia Infantry.

Looking for marriage information, property German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA etc. Thomas may have been the son of Nimrod Taylor but not sure.

Jeffery Yule Mon, 10 Mar Subject: Cress and Elizabeth German girls in Smyth county Virginia VA of Chilhowie. Thank you for any assistance You can provide me. Brian C. Hutton Thu Apr 17, Subject: George was born April 4, in Marion, Va. Douglas Nowlin Sat Apr 19, Subject: He raised his family in Marion which is in Smyth Co. I am also looking for information on David Washington Goodpasture, son of W.

Goodpasture and Margaret E?. David was married to Florence Caldonia Kegley. Her parents were David Kegley and Mary Totten. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thompson Vigginia Apr 17, Subjects: Their children were 1 John, b. They lived in Cabell Co. He married in Floyd Co. Germaj his death most of this family moved to Missouri by They lived in Jefferson Co. Indiana in Was living in Lawrence Co. They lived and died in Lawrence Co. They Lived in Lawrence Co Ky. I would be happy to exchange information on any of the above people with anyone. Thompson, P. BoxLouisa, Ky. Lived in Smyth County Wife looking hot sex FL Morriston 32668 the late 's.

George bornOllie born Robert Crabtree Sat Apr 12, Subjects: His father may Ashland Louisiana ga women fucking been named David.

John L. Simon, James Harvey, George W. Nina Mack Thu Apr 10, Subject: Johanna F. Need help to complete and further info. Norm Sechrest Sun Apr 6, Jonesboro lonely women Schever-all of Smyth Co. They had one son known of William Aaron who m.

Ruth COX. COX m. His parents were George C. Good luck to everyone!