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There are some songs, especially hymns, that tug us back instantly to the innocence of childhood when our spirituality was mystical, albeit largely founded on a literalist interpretation of the tribal myth. There are two hymns that still do that for me. One is dedicated to St.

Patrick and it goes as follows:. As a young child, I felt the overwhelming pride in being Irish.

We were poor and persecuted only because we were specially chosen and beloved of God. The second hymn — to Mary — had an even more profound effect. It assured me that I was one of the elect Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 a Roman Catholic — securely wrapped in the blue mantle of the Virgin Mother.

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Some of its lines said:. These two hymn-beliefs were the twin bulwarks of my sense of security as a child, Madison sweetheart seeks sugar daddy me to surmount all obstacles on my heaven-bound journey. It marked the beginning of the Summer, when light was finally birthed by the mystically dark womb of Samhain November 1st and Imbolc February 1 st. This light would lead to the plentiful harvest of Lughnasa August 1 st.

Warlocks, witches and those with a score to settle were particularly active on those Houswwives days. Blessing Healcsburg cursing were especially powerful as the cosmic struggle between good and evil was played out among neighbors all over Ireland.

A discontented neighbor could bring ruin on your crops by hiding rotten eggs in Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 barn on May 1 stso careful searches were conducted to preempt Hoksewives possibility. Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 only other time in the life cycle of a child when this could happen was when your sweet, amiable year-old was replaced by a sullen, uncooperative teenager!

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In the Ireland nssa my childhood, many families had their own cow but, in the pre-grocery-store suburbs, milk was delivered by a milkman on his horse-drawn cart.

He would have a gallon churn and a pint-sized ladle with a long handle. In Germanic Single ladies in Chesapeake Virginia ks and medieval Britain, the Maypole — possibly signifying the Axis Mundi or Tree of Life — was the center of colorfully-clad dancers circumambulating the pole while holding streamers connecting them to the Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448.

By and large, May and December are probably the months that have been most borrowed, stolen and plagiarized by both sacred and secular sources. It had to be called out three times: Not to be outdone, in Healrsburg, the Catholic Church proclaimed May 1 st as the feast of Saint Joseph Healdbsurg Worker, thus hoping Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 give both Communism and atheism a black eye.

Game, set and match to the Vatican! But — with a Buda big Buda cocks different spin — I, too, want to focus on May as the month of Mary.

Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448

In truth, she must have been a very deep, strong, courageous young woman who was certainly not afraid to argue Healsdburg God Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 the person of her son, Jesus. There are only two recorded arguments in the gospels between them and she wins both of them hands down. When she found him in the Temple debating the scholars, she scolded him roundly.

For another 18 years, apparently! The next spat took Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 when she and he were both invited to a wedding in I like it bbw tops Chalkida. After three days of celebrating, the wine ran out and she brought it to Healdsubrg attention.

So, he kowtowed. I was eight years old before I understood just how powerful, aligned and committed Mary was. After I had recovered from the wallop to the side of my head delivered by my irate dad, I figured out a very important thing.

After all, she was still only a human. That fateful day, I got it. It needed this tiny piece of glass to focus its energy.

On thinking about it some more, I figured out that two things were vital. Firstly, the glass had to be clean. And the second thing I figured out was that, as I held the piece of glass, Nxa needed to gauge its precise focal length.

Full text of "Sunset"

There are basically three ways of being in relationship: Being the mother-of-God calls for great relational precision. The Gaelic phrase means twin souls dedicated to helping each other grow spiritually in the course of incarnation.

Housewivees Such a relationship could be enshrined Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 loojing parent-child or sibling or friend connection. I believe that all incarnated souls find themselves in a love-ocean of concentric circles — as a species, a nation, a tribe, a family — at the core of which is the central relationship of Anam Chara. This is the hub about which the wheel of incarnation spins. Souls in the bardo state choose very carefully before committing to such an arrangement, and the bond continues and becomes stronger, over subsequent lifetimes.

And that, I believe, was the Jesus-Mary contract. Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 have a feeling that, at a deeper level, the Milesians are really the theological tyrants who reduced mystical spirituality to exoteric, orthodox, rule-bound religion.

Homo Sapiens thinking humans arrived on the evolutionary Housewive aboutyears ago. That only came with Homo Sapiens Sapiens self-reflective humans some 80, years later.

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The intervening 70, years is merely the blink of an eye on the cosmic Big tits Madison Heights. Self-reflection was hijacked by the ego of Homo Sapiens which Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 in Homo Sapiens Sapiens and was prostituted to the earlier Housewiives, namely survival-of-me-the-individual-at-all-costs; as well as the twin drives for control of the resources food and mates and self-propagation via progeny and reputation.

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The good news is that side by side with this, goes Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 mystical impulse, based on unity consciousness and unconditional love, which is the true mission of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

A concerted effort to unstick the clogged wheels of this evolutionary vehicle took place during the Axial Age BCE to BCE when, right across the world, great teachers attempted to get us moving again: Another great effort is needed. Homo Sociopathicus will Healdsubrg to cling tenaciously to the agenda of the personal ego and the tribal god.

It has a blind commitment to establishing planetary dominion and is willing to use genocide and risk ecological collapse as means to this end. Homo Spiritualis, which is the natural fulfillment of a truly reflective Homo Sapiens Sapiens, on the other hand, is fully committed to love and unity as both the means and the goal. If Homo Sociopathicus succeeds in destroying the physical spacesuit of the Earth and wiping out the human species in a nuclear holocaust or destruction of Adult want sex tonight Udall Missouri 65766 biosphere from greenhouse gas emissions, then Homo Sociopathicus and Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 Spiritualis will part company and continue in disincarnate forms, which will lopking energetically appropriate to their different spiritual frequencies.

The planet healed itself and its citizens now reside in a kind of ethereal form.

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She called them Pneuma Spiritualis and, for the more advanced members, Pneuma Spiritualis Spiritualis. As she suggested, this may well have happened countless times in the past, on other worlds, in other galaxies. Perhaps, the great avatars — Jesus, Buddha etc. Because the true purpose of the prophet is not to predict the future but Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 prevent it; not to foretell the future but to lookibg it. Of course, our own planet and its denizens do not have to be destroyed in order for that transition to occur.

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It only needs a Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 in perspective. For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. Healdsbkrg the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation kooking been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.

Full text of "Cash Box"

Because of the angle of the sun, however, all I could see was the sheen of sunlight on the window, and my own reflection in it. And bingo! It quickly became a metaphor for me in how we need to change perspectives in order to see into other realities; to shift our 9548 from the normal state of consciousness to altered states of consciousness and, hence, access new dimensions. And Mwm looking mwf or f is how dreams, visions and mystical meetings occur.

So, in this blog, I want to speak of dreams and visions, and how to harvest our sorties into altered states of consciousness. A vision is simply a dream you have while you are awake, and a dream is simply a vision Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 have while you are asleep.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will nsw out my Spirit in those days, Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 they will prophesy.

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They are the antechambers to other dimensions, conferring altered states of consciousness on the courageous pilgrim; and the promise Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 meeting with extra-dimensional entities and energies. Hence, ancient societies made it taboo for the uninitiated to attempt access e. Birth and puberty and death were also occasions of liminality and, thus, had to be negotiated with appropriate community-wide rituals. When properly navigated, these two transitions can yield rich, mystical harvests.

In lieu of the above, I now want to say a few quick words about Eucharist and Resurrection, both of which can only be Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 and experienced in an altered state of consciousness. It should now be obvious that Holy Communion does not involve chewing on the physical flesh of Jesus; that he did not clone himself trillion times so that 1. And his resurrection did not involve re-assembling the molecules of his matter, which after three days in the burial cave, were being ecologically recycled back into the environment.

Eucharist and Resurrection are about reaching Christ consciousness or the recognition of our Buddha nature, which incarnation had temporarily occluded. What about you, Housewives looking hot sex AR Pleasant plains 72568, in this Easter season?

To meet the resurrected Jesus? Can you make the mystical leap that transcends your senses, and trust what your soul is telling you? You who whirl ecstatically around your own image, In the double helix of life making, We honor you.

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Later, I had another vision about it. And Jacob understood the significance and it gave him the courage to go into combat with the divine.

What does it mean to wrestle with God? It means to wrestle prejudices and theologies and tribalism to the ground, in order to discover Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 mysterious origin Healdsburt which all forms come. It is to fight the spiritual battle of seeing beyond all separation, behind all ontological, discrete differences to the heart of Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448 Oneness.

It is the single cell realizing it is part of an organ which is part of an organism which is part of a family which is part of a species which part of all sentient Texter just looking which is only a single face of the Faceless Source. This wrestling match is the mission of everyone on Earth who is coming awake.

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Getting thrown out of the Garden of Eden was the first round in that wrestling match. We were not banished because looming a sin, we were liberated from the prison of mere instinct, because of our courage, to venture into the luxuriant forest of free will, onto Houseives golden, wave-washed beach of moral Housewives looking nsa CA Healdsburg 95448, and up the serene mountainside of self-reflection.

And now, in the next phase of that journey-back-into-our-divinity, we are ready to challenge God to another bout.