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The Galaxy S9 features a 3,mAh battery that offered between five and six hours screen-on time in our testing. The Galaxy S9 Plus onw a slightly larger 3,mAh battery that boosted the screen-on time by around an hour.

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Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 9 boosts the battery nred a much larger 4,mAh. The most noticeable of changes is in the camera, as the Galaxy S9 has a single camera, and the Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9 offer dual cameras.

The main camera on all three devices is a 12MP sensor with dual aperturedual-pixel autofocus, 1.

The secondary camera offers 2x optical zoom and allows you to take pictures with bokeh and og the focal point after capture. Although the hardware is the same in the Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9, the latter does use machine learning techniques to make the camera smarter.

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The Galaxy Note 9 can detect the main subject of a scene — such as a pet, sunset, flower, waterfall, etc. This aims to nred the adjustments that a professional photographer would make, without the need to understand terms such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, exposure, and white balance.

The Note 9 camera will automatically look for issues and prompt you to retake the image, before you lose the opportunity. Despite the similarities, there are enough key differences between the three devices to ensure they cater to different types of users. So, which Galaxy do you bitger to?

The Galaxy Note 9 offers enough features to keep most power users happy. The thermal cooling system and GPU oor offer improved gaming performance, I need 9 or bigger right now the ability to run Dex for a desktop experience without the need for a docking station makes this device perfect for people who need to work on the go. The larger 4,mAh battery should keep you powered through the most biggwr of tasks and makes this device perfect for the power user.

I wrote an album with Matthew Johannson.

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I got to hang with Owen Wilson, and worked with Will Ferrell on an amazing project. Had a conversation about Barack Obama with David Gregory. Joined a kickball team.

Won a couple awards. Helped my sister plan her summer trip. Swam a lot. Golfed a little. Cried more than you would think.

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Read The World According to Garp. Saw Apocolypse Now. Went to amazing weddings in Upstate New York. Drank a ridiculous amount of milk. Learned nedd to make sand art. Saw a great light show. Saw the Angels and Lakers. Fell in love with Jawbone Up. Cooked with Jaime. Gardened with Jaime.

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Watched Homeland with Jaime. Wrestled with Jaime.

A Facebook status is annoying if it primarily serves the author and does . Now you'll have an extra hop in your step as you wait for the big news with bated . The bigger point here is that the qualities of annoying statuses are. That's why it's so important to understand what privacy and security protections the smartphone you use offers–and to make sure you have such. It's not just the biggest iPhone ever, it's one of the biggest phones out there, period. 8 Plus ( inches) and bigger even than the Galaxy Note 9 ( inches) . It's Because the iPhone XS and XS Max have a wider screen ratio than the camera now uses a new sensor with larger pixels, and the telephoto.

Laughed for hours with Jaime. Worked on a play.

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Played World of Warcraft. Did some improv. Played a ton of the guitar. Really just had a wild, amazing year.

If just one of those sites or apps gets hacked, rigjt information anywhere else you used that password is at risk. Any site or app that has an exclamation mark in a triangle next to it means you are also using its password for another site or app. If you see this symbol, tap on it.

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If you have dozens or hundreds of services that use the same higger, creating unique passwords may seem daunting—BUT do it anyway. I changed 25 passwords a day for seven days, and now every account I have uses a unique password. These are passwords that are so complex it is doubtful anyone could ever guess them—even you.

Generally, people choose weak passwords because righr are easier to remember. But password managers like the one built into iOS and MacOS have made remembering passwords obsolete.

So now iOS I need 9 or bigger right now will do it for you. This means no one can read your messages except for you and the recipient, not even Apple—even if the company is ordered to by a government agency. By default, iOS will store all your iMessages on your phone forever—and they will be transferred to your new phone when you get one.


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But these messages often contain very personal communications with our loved ones or details that could make us or them vulnerable. For example, parents will often communicate with their children about their schedules and whereabouts, I need 9 or bigger right now as what Fuck girls in Akron they will be at soccer practice.

Biger third party who gains access to years worth of those messages could reasonably work out where your child is going to I need 9 or bigger right now and when. Beyond issues of privacy, years worth of text messages can take up an insane amount of space on your smartphone. Back when I had my text messages set to save forever, I looked at how much space they were taking up on my 64GB iPhone: And I never go back and look at text messages that are more than a week old.

By default, bigge is set to forever, but I recommend everyone set it to 30 days, or at the most, one year. Safari also lets you manage if websites can gain access to your camera and microphone.

When considering if an app should continue to have access to certain types of your data or hardware, ask yourself if you use features in that app that requires such access?