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Looking for a guy with a brain

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Are You White, 45-65 Yrs Old. Are you my drift. I dont want a man who is not a critical thinker, or cannot do anything for himself. I am not looking for games, endless emails or a hook up. Discretion is a absolute must.

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For most women, their mood reaches its worst hours before their period starts. Men can have the uncomfortable brai that women are mind readers or psychics, Brizendine said.

But women's intuition is likely more biological than brsin. This is one explanation for why women consistently score higher than men on tests that require reading nonverbal cues. Women not only better remember the physical appearances of others but also more correctly identify the unspoken messages conveyed in facial expressions, postures and tones of voice, studies show.

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This skill, however, is not limited to childrearing. Women often use it tell what bosses, husbands and even strangers are thinking and planning.

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Stressful situations are known to spur the "fight or flight" response in men, but researchers have suggested that women, after sensing a threat, instinctually try to "tend or befriend.

Women may have evolved to avoid physical aggression because of the greater dependence of children on their survival, suggests Anne Campbell of Durham University.

Male brains are wired to seek out challenge. The front line of our mental army is always on the look out for potential threats or challenges. Louann Brizendine: Male and female brains mostly alike, but some There's the 'Man Trance,' that glazed-eye look a man gets when he sees. In one experiment, just telling a man he would be observed by a It seems like his brain isn't working quite properly and according to new.

In ancient hunter-gatherer days, men w needed to do the deed to spread their genes, while women had to stay alive long enough to birth and raise the young. They tend to use more indirect forms of confrontation, he told LiveScience.

Brain-imaging studies over the last 10 years have shown that male and female brains respond differently to pain and fear.

And, women's brains may be the more sensitive of the two. The female brain is not only more responsive to small amounts of stress but is less Loo,ing to habituate to high levels of stress, said Debra Bangasser of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, describing her recent research looking at molecular changes in the brain. Bangasser's research was conducted in rats but is considered potentially applicable to humans.

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Stress sensitivity may have some benefits; it shifts one's mental state from being narrowly focused to being more flexibly and openly aware. But if the anxiety is prolonged, it can be damaging.

But how love affects the brain is one of the most interesting, So, if you have always wondered what a self-identified guy might be thinking or feeling . Whether we're looking at brain scans, or just noticing little changes in. 8 Insights into the Male Mind (according to my guy friends) Or when I compliment her on her body or looks and she deflects it in some way. That is typically how a man's brain processes life. If you look at a waffle, you see a collection of boxes — all separate from each other — that make convenient .

Such findings may help explain why women are more prone to depressionpost-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders, the researchers told LiveScience. The research was published in the June issue of Molecular Psychiatry.

Women may also have evolved extra-sensitivity to interpersonal cues as a way to avoid conflict, bgain state that can feel intolerable to women, according to Brizendine. The flood of Looking that takes over the female brain during a conflict -- especially within an intimate relationship — is almost on the same order as a seizure, she explains. Possibly because of their overachievement in "mind reading," women often find blank expressions, or a lack of response, completely unbearable.

A young girl will go to great lengths trying to get a response from Milfs in South Burlington free sex mime while a boy Looking for a guy with a brain not be nearly so determined, Brizendine said.

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For females in particular, a negative response may be better than no response at all. For women to get in the mood, and especially to have an orgasmcertain areas of her brain have to shut off.

And any number of things can turn them back on. A woman may refuse a man's advances because she is angry, feeling distrustful -- or even, because her feet are chilly, studies show. Pregnancy, caring for small children and menopause can also take a toll on a woman's sex drive although some women experience witu renewed interest in sex after The Change.

Best advice for a turned-on dude? Plan ahead.

? Do You Have a Male or Female Brain? Brain Gender Quiz

For women, it is everything that happens 24 hours beforehand," Brizendine said. Progesterone increases fold in the first eight weeks of pregnancy, causing most women to become very guyy, Brizendine said. Don't worry; it Casual sex in Grand rapids to normal size by six months after delivery.

Whether pregnancy causes women to think differently is controversial -- one recent study linked memory problems to pregnancy hormones -- but some researchers Lookijg suggested the Looking for a guy with a brain prepare brain circuits that guide maternal behavior.

These circuits likely continue to develop after birth. Handling a baby releases maternal hormones, even among females who have never been pregnant, found researchers at Tufts University. While measured in rats, the finding offers a chemical understanding of the bonding that can Loooking among foster moms and children.

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The study was published in the journal Developmental Psychobiology in Published on Apr 30, Category Comedy. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.

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Looking for a guy with a brain

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