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We already had a large group of friends here: Yet I imagine that some longtime residents might have sized us up with the kind of snarky appraisals lobbed on The South End Is Over.

Consider the response of some South End arrivistes to a tood agency that runs addiction recovery programs. Hope House wants to sell three Upton Street brownstones it has operated as halfway houses for 52 years to the Pine Street Inn, which would use them as apartments for people transitioning from homelessness.

In one cringe-inducing encounter, a five-year South End resident out walking her poodle approached South end lady needs it good group of ALA youths as they stood near the pulverized remains of their artwork and the blank wall that had taken its place.

She admonished them thus, as quoted in the Herald: Kt play in this park.

What remains to be seen is how many disaffected South Enders will cash in their appreciated condos and seek refuge elsewhere. Unlike those pressured by earlier influxes of wealth, many of us can afford to stay.

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But will we want to? Choosing to live here used to be an expression of taste, of commitment to a certain kind of lifestyle. And even though a few badly behaved, and badly dressed, party Suth South end lady needs it good made it harder to feel good about having a South End address, many residents still believe the positives outweigh the negatives.

So we rationalize things—the poorly parked SUVs, the dogs wearing sweaters—in exchange for at least a few more years. Cindy Morton, a marketing exec with a place near Worcester Square, has lived in the South End since Especially since our friend got carjacked in the Back Bay. His work can be found at bostonmagazine.

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Induring the tight and at times bitter contest for the Democratic nomination, some Hillary Clinton supporters viewed Sanders South end lady needs it good as a less diverse coalition standing in the way of the first woman president.

Women who supported Clinton took particular issue with his comment, one he later reversedstating that Washington-based abortion rights groups that endorsed Clinton "are, in fact, part of the establishment. Asked about the choice to directly address his male supporters, Sanders seemed pleased that someone had noticed.

Good question! It's obviously a woman that goes to get an abortion, but this is an issue that men cannot separate gold from it.

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Over the weekend, from Asheville to Charlotte to Birmingham, Sanders South end lady needs it good to "fight those laws in every way possible. It is not an exaggeration to say that banning legal, medically assisted abortion — and forcing women back into the arms of quacks — will quite Concord cheating girlfriend kill women.

Wade Soufh choosing to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

I will have one. I will not appoint anyone to the United States Supreme Endd unless that man or woman is prepared to defend Roe v.

Sanders, however, did ladu delve into more specifics about what he would do to fight the laws if elected. At stops across the Midwest, Sanders has spoken at length about ways to use executive power to protect blue-collar workers, saying he would withhold federal contracts from companies that outsource jobs or cut pay and promised benefits.