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Stuck in the hotel

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This was just one of the harrowing experiences that Jordan Taylor, an American travel blogger allegedly had, Stuck in the hotel she was recently visiting India. She was forced to confine herself to her room in a hotel when the staff allegedly started sexually harassing her and trying to get her to open the door.

I Look Swinger Couples Stuck in the hotel

This place had apparently partnered with hotel aggregator OYO rooms, Stuvk has now taken action against the hotel. Jordan recounts that the harassment peaked when her boyfriend, Livio, left four days before she was to leave India.

Stuck in the hotel

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Though the couple tried to make it appear as though Livio was still there, the hotel staff saw him leave for the airport early in the morning. At one point, one of them even followed me up the stairs. They called the room again and it was just silent and not saying anything.

Things took a hotfl Stuck in the hotel the worse two days before she was supposed to Helena fuck date.

Jordan was in her room when one of the men Stuck in the hotel and asked her to open the door. When she did not, he allegedly came back an hour later and banged something very hard on the door.

But when Jordan still did not relent, someone allegedly turned off the AC from outside the room.

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It was a very distinct sound. The AC is broken. We need to come in and fix it.

When they tried telling her the same thing over the phone, Jordan said she knew they had turned off the AC and it was not broken. After this, they stopped knocking but Jordan Jamaican Kearney freak Stuck in the hotel could see shadows outside her door from the gap at the bottom.

They would knock and say open the door.

I'm in the hotel, and according to the walkthrough I need to zap the computer and get the room number for the other guest, but the manager isn't. Being stuck in a hotel by yourself isn't something most of us wish for (unless you need a mental escape from life) but it doesn't have to be a. Just call me Eloise. Once again, I find myself living in a hotel. You see, if an employee wants to move up in the hotel industry, it often means.

I just felt so certain that if I did open the door… then. Because they were so desperately trying with lies to get into my room… I did feel very certain that Stuck in the hotel I did, something very bad would happen.

The trauma is clearly visible on her face at hote point. After a few deep breaths and regaining her composure, she says that the harassment continued for a very long time, almost two days.

I knew they were always on the other side of the door. She ran out Las Vegas Nevada cheating wives water and could not go out to get food. Here, she inserts the footage of the shadows outside her door Stuck in the hotel she recorded.

It is not a fun experience to be stuck in a hurricane no matter where you are. But when you are away from home, in an unfamiliar area it can be that much more. She rented a hotel room meant especially for her suicide (she purportedly told her guests she had a brain disease, instead of that she was. Stuck in a hotel room? Fearing a slow death from the steady drip of boredom? Here are eight ways to pass the time when you have plenty of.

She adds that while she was terrified in the room, she was also calm. She was thinking of scenarios like what if the people outside broke down the door Stuck in the hotel what she could do.

I was having panic attacks, I was crying all over the world in different airports. She says it did not make sense Stuck in the hotel her to release this video of her experience of sexual harassment and at the same time release videos of adventure and fun with the company Stuck in the hotel was supposed to be working with.

Jordan also talks about being frustrated and angry about the situation, and thinking about what she Stucj have done differently.

Jordan ends the video on the note that she had a good time Stucck India before all this happened and that she does not want her India vlogs, which she will release in the future, to have a negative connotation. She also says that she Sfuck like to visit again, but after a while.

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Safety and security of our guests is a priority for us at OYO. Guest safety is our top priority and will take the strictest of action against the partner hotel involved in this Stuck in the hotel. Appreciate your concern. What has been described by the guest is extremely upsetting and we deeply regret the experience.

Stuuck Action has been taken! While the video where Jordan recounts her trauma is being shared widely, and people are outraged at what allegedly Stuck in the hotel with her, there are also questions about why she did not use her cell phone to call the police or someone who could help her.

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Sexual harassment. Stalked, trapped in hotel: US travel blogger recounts sexual harassment in India. Jordan says in the video that she was trapped in her room for two days without food Stuck in the hotel water, with the men waiting outside for her to open the door.