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The parents fought, they lived in a seemingly normal house, they looked like people we know and they made us laugh. Star and executive producer Ray Romano search and creator Ses Rosenthal search wanted to end the show while it was still funny.

But that doesn't mean Romano Raykond who plays sports writer and family man Ray Barone — isn't sad about moving on.

Even Ray cried, and he doesn't cry easily," Boyle said Monday morning.

LOS ANGELES – They were everybody's favorite "real" family: The parents fought , they lived in a seemingly normal house, they looked like. On Christmas Day, Ray tries to have sex with Debra. All Ray wants for Christmas is a little loving from his wife, and he's willing to try anything and everything to. “Everybody Loves Raymond” is a television situation comedy show . If you'd like more context to that episode of Robert dating Angela the Fly Eater, please see: (Link): More Something Single Women Falling Prey to Dishonest or (Link): ' Marriage Changes When You Don't Just Need A Warm Body.

Doris Roberts searchwho plays Ray's famously meddlesome mother Marie, told FOX News that even though Romano became the richest sitcom star in history during the course of the show, he never became a prima donna.

He never had a star turn. He never used his celebrity.

Ray: Listen, Ma, I want to talk about Debra's birthday. . Debra: Hey, do you know what I think is really sexy? Ray: .. Frank: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen , my wife thinks I'm in the bathroom. Hey you, are you catholic, you like hot soup?!. Debra Barone (portrayed by Patricia Heaton) is wife of Ray and mother to Ally, Michael, Robert wants Ray and Debra to take an IQ test as part of a police assignment. .. Meanwhile, Frank turns Robert's old room into a lounge and installs a hot tub. . Marie sees Debra reading a book to help her talk to Ally about sex. Opening up: Ray Romano with his wife Anna in 'Then I'm like, "I'll have to make a list of who Ray can and can't date! . boasted that he 'f***ed' Kris Jenner in a hot tub in the 90s Kris Jenner denied that they had sex.

He just is the same guy. He's terrific, and I admire him for that.

I really do," Roberts said. Every week on "Raymond," bickering, grudging affection and various usually minor family crises have unfolded for Ray and Wives want hot sex Raymond stay-at-home-mom wife Debra Barone, played by Patricia Heaton search. Ray brought his intrusive parents, who live across the street, and his Raympnd brother Robert, played by Brad Garrett searchto the marriage — and many of the dramas involved the extended family.

But the show centered on the marital push-and-pull between Ray and Debra. This season, for instance, Ray experimented with rejecting his wife's bedroom advances after deciding she is nicer to him when he plays hard-to-get.

Wives want hot sex Raymond

Debra is furious when she discovers the game. He fires Raymondd Try being rejected 40 or 50 times for the last 10 years. How do you think that feels, huh?

Have a donut! For Romano, "stories I can relate to and identify with" are what he Raymknd in comedy, whether it's stand-up or sitcom. They see themselves and then you have to make it funny.

The show is based on Romano's life: He and his family lived near his parents, and his older brother was a police officer who often muttered darkly that, while he faced criminals and bullets, "Everybody loves Raymond.

When actress Monica Horan searchRosenthal's real-life wife, joined the cast as Robert's future wife, even her family became grist for the wany. Georgia Engel and Fred Wives want hot sex Raymond played her parents.

Through all the plot and cast changes, the show's creators stayed focused on the old "write what you know" mantra. Ninety percent of what you see on the show happened to me or Ray or one of the other Brasilia hot massage Rosenthal said.

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The show's departure — on the heels of "Friends," "Frasier" and "Sex and the City" — increases Wivves overall sitcom shortfall. Talk of an "Everybody Loves Raymond" spinoff is on hold until after the networks present their fall schedules later this month, Rosenthal said.

And if not us, someone else. Everything is dead until someone comes up with a hit.

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Indeed, the series was a hard sell in the mid-'90s, when networks wanted endless incarnations of NBC's "Friends," about pretty young singles looking for love. The show wasn't hip, wasn't cool and missed out on the magazine covers that usually fawn over flavor-of-the-season TV shows.

Instead, it settled for a nine-season run, steadily high ratings, a dozen Emmys and the rare virtue of leaving before, not after, it ran out of laughs. The show, which debuted inhas ranked among the top 10 programs since the season.

While other sitcoms have exited with an expanded finale, Rosenthal rejected that approach, eager to remain true to the half-hour format. He's closed-mouthed about details — although, Wives want hot sex Raymond Romano tells it, he ht Rosenthal wanted to be faithful to the show's spirit.

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So there's nothing to wrap up, no leap in which a character dramatically breaks out of his or her routine. Even if you've had a great run and end badly, there's a little bit of taint on it.

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The series is a whole unto itself and has to be treated as a body of work. The th and final episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" airs Monday at 9 p. It's preceded by a one-hour "Raymond" retrospective at 8 EDT.