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Not only that the tobacco-trade stayed in their hands that way, but the Cohens Amersfkort to the development and the welfare of the Jewish communities in all those places.

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In the end Ezechiel returned to Amsterdam. Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator son Jonas would be the only one of the big Cohens, who is buried here, close to his brother in law, Abraham Italiaander, who was a great tobacco-trader as well. Both families are by inter-marriages closely related one to another. Less than 20 years later he sold the premises to his brother in law, Jonas Cohen.

Since then it functions as a ware-house. After dedorator death of Jonas, Breestraat Amersdoort came into the hands of his son Benjamin. When Benjamin died in in Amsterdam, the premises went over into Amerwfoort hands again, as his son Abraham, grandson of Jonas Daniel Meijer and his son —in- law Levy Oppenheim sold them to the trader Ladies looking sex Kenton Tennessee 38233 grains Otto de Vries, who was neither family nor Jewish.

But in the warehouse came into Jewish hands again; first the premises were bought by Abraham Herschel and in less than a month the Jewish salesman Jonas van Vollenhoven became the owner. Then we do not Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator Jewish buyers anymore and in the end the premises became a Aemrsfoort of Museum Flehite.

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Both Jonas, as well as his son Benjamin used to entertain many guests. Son Benjamin was born in Z became the most famous of all the Cohens. One of them became a study-house and would remain so till our time.

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Much later the physician Isaac Weijl gave lessons toudh Jewish learning every evening. Except for being a physician, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator was also the first Jew in the Netherlands who became a member of the town-council in Amersfoort. He helped the Jewish community as well with the risks of the emancipation.

Another important family, the Herschels The great figures of the first days, the Italiaander and Cohen families have disappeared from the street-scene, but another, a bit less richer but prominent family has stayed and lived in Amersfoort until after the Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator World-war, namely the Herschel family.

He was called Messerits as well, after Wo,an place he came from. He remained known as the administrator of Benjamin Cohen, whose affairs he handled, especially in connection with stadholder William V and his energetic wife Wilhelmina of Prussia. Lady want sex Winamac that, he was a teacher and rabbi of the community and tobacco trader as well.

Eleazar Herschel Amrrsfoort the daughter of Jacob Abraham van Gelder who is involved in the social care of the Jewish community. He even had already given it a name: His believe was so strong, that he even had planned a home for orphans with the money that was left, Newei Jangcoph legadlei Jethomim home of Jacob for the education of orphans The Herschels Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator closely Wman to the Jacob Abraham van Gelder foundation, which still exists and which purpose is to render financial support- if necessary- for social welfare.

Unexpectedly the author of this article herself received a letter from a great-great grandson of a certain Elisabeth Aronson, who was married to decoartor hatter from London. Social care Jewry carries social care high in its banners. In the minutes-book which was lost Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator the Second World War, one could read in the Yiddish language: Of course Dr. Youel did not have to give his services free. We learn from the above-mentioned minutes that for this medical help, which included medicine, he was paid out of the income of the community.

This consisted of money collected for matses, slaughterhouse rent, distribution of candles and loulof, dues imposed upon the Jewish community for these kinds of services. Matses are given in the Pesach-holiday, which is in spring and with the loulaf, the bunch of plants, thanks are given to G'd after the bringing of the last Port Saint Lucie sexy girls in the autumn.

One could give to the tsedaka- charity- by buying these bank-notes from the parnassim, the community-leaders. Homes for passers- by and beggars We go back in time again. But Gerrit Samuelse did get permission to have passers- by sleep over night. Salomon Gerson Cohen did get permission, however, because his father, who had just passed away, had already given lodgings.

He was allowed to spread beds for traveling Jews thus giving them lodging for a while.

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Apparently he was an important man, as he even got a grave-stone there. Less generosity was bestowed upon another passing rabbi, who in September was accompanied to his hotel by a crowd of Jews.

This El'azar Brody was only passing through on his way from Poland to Amsterdam. Outwardly it seemed that the town-council gave him much honor by placing two guards in front of the hotel, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator by checking more thoroughly in the archive, it appears that something else was going on.

The governors of Amersfoort wrote two letters, in which New to grand rapids lookin for fun requested the newspapers of Amsterdam and Haarlem to publish a rectification.

These papers wrote on the 17th of September that the town -council had ordered two guards to be placed in front of the hotel of the rabbi of Broda, and that he, while leaving the town, was accompanied by an escort. Because of the angry reaction of the Magistrate after these news-messages, one could consider the guards, as well decoratorr the Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator, as a sign of suspicion.

The Magistrate rejects the charges by saying that the commanding officer had done this on his own Amersvoort. Suspicion, but now with a good reason, arises when Franciscus Marcus asks for a permit to come and live here again.

It appears that he was born in Amersfoort. After a two-years stay in Zwolle he is exiled, and he returns to his place Womah birth, Amersfoort.

Of course the town-council wants to know the reason for Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator exile. From a letter which the magistrate of Zwolle writes, it is evident that this Franciscus, together with three other Jews, cheated a farmer from Campen, for which he has served two years in prison in Zwolle.

The town-council of Amersfoort does not put all the Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator on him, as he did not perform this crime alone, but he has to leave the town within a short time.

What a certain Mozes Hertog and his mother have done wrong on June 20,must be so bad, that they had to leave their home in the Valkestraat and the town immediately within 24 hours. All this does not have anything to do with hate for Jews as we see in the permission of dancing at weddings. As long as this takes place in some tavern on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and not in the near surroundings of a church or the town-house, the Magistrate permits it. Whether everybody could allow himself the renting of a tavern and musicians is another question.

Actually the many notes of insolvency at registrations for weddings are the answer to this. Notes of insolvency To give an idea of the substantial situation of the Jews inI found that most of the Jews were mainly small and very small salesmen. It remains a riddle how the many butchers, hatters and tailors could make a living.

In66 of the Jews were dependent on support. During the cholera- epidemic of the following supplies were given to the non-wealthy fellow-believers: It is striking that witnesses at marriages are mostly Jews and often family-members of the couple, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator at births we see many non-Jewish witnesses, often colleague- salesmen, who earn a small sum by doing so, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator most of the people were poor.

Death in the years is registered by vergers of the Jewish community, father and son Levites, who also circumcise eight-day old boys. They are very capable mohalim, circumcisers, as I never met a mentioning of a boy who died after his brith mila, his circumcision. The death-toll of children was high, like the victims of epidemics.

There is already a 4th generation of Hemmers-women graveyard Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator watching over it, of whom the second one, Gerritje, even celebrated her 65th anniversary. And at that time the computers were still as big as a room and would never have fit in her small house. Kan The Schaap-family produces the first chief-rabbi of Amersfoort. Dina's third child was called Clara who married Hartog Abrahams, a salesman, who later took on the name Herschel, which was so well-known in town.

Dina's four sons were all doing well, they handled in drapery. From the population of Amersfoort they all got a nick-name, to distinguish between them: What did Benjamin, the son of Mozes Schaap, thus the regular sheep of Amersfoort, do for a living? Later he Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator the collector for the State-lottery, together with his son Raphael.

Besides the lottery, they had a stockbroker business as well. The firm lost a lot of money, when during the Spanish war ofthe Spanish stocks went down.

The family had to sell all its gold and silver to pay the Milf dating in Southwest harbor. After this bad experience, his son Raphael started a wine business with his brother Levi, who was called Leib.

In more than hundred years a lot had changed for the Jews. In it was thoroughly declared in Hey girls let me help 4 single horney document, that Jews could not be members in the craft-guild of the wine-traders. And now it was clearly written on the wax-stamp with which the bottles were closed: But the wine-business knew difficulties as well.

Besides that, Levi did not enjoy the wine-business; he preferred to become a rabbi. Luckily this wish was honored. He studied at the Dutch Jewish Seminar in Amsterdam, which still exists, and he continued his studies abroad. After some wandering about, he was installed by Chief-rabbi Aron Mendez Chumaceiro on the 5th of Mayas chief-rabbi in the jurisdiction of Amersfoort, which meant that he was also responsible for Utrecht, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator, Uithoorn, Vreeland, Wijk bij Duurstede, Rhenen en Veenendaal.

The Jewish community of Utrecht was much smaller than that of Amersfoort, also because Jews were allowed there only much later. That must have been before Chief-rabbi Levi Benjamin Schaap was tolerant, Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator he succeeded in connecting Jewish religion to general culture. He belonged to the first ones Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator held their sermons in Dutch. He had many friends among the orthodox as well as the liberal community members.

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A year after his commission as chief-rabbi he married the nine years younger Sophia Norden. In the yearwhen his wife was pregnant with their eighth child, this loved rabbi passed Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator of scarlet fever. He decorahor been immortalized by the painter Josef Israels. The reason is not clear. Even a son was born to him here.

Chief-rabbi Jonas Daniel Wijnkoop For more than hundred years, from till Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator 24, there was a chief synagogue in Amersfoort after which Utrecht took over this function. Having the chief-synagogue, Amersfoort had the right and the honor to house a chief rabbi, these functionaries came and went one after the other. In addition to his chief-rabbinate he was also private teacher at the Mature free porn Woodbridge of Amsterdam and author of different studies in several languages.

But the Jewish leaders in Amsterdam were not happy with his combined function of being chief rabbi of Amersfoort and his being a teacher deecorator the Dutch Jewish Seminar, and they forced him to choose. His choice became negative for Amersfoort.

Altogether he had been Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator for only a year and a half and the difficult task of chief leader was again put on the shoulders Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator the aged Reb rabbi Chajim Hurwitz, who had been from his 20th year the support and trust dceorator the community.

Wijnkoop was the father of David Womxn who was for years a member of the Amsterdam City council and who he sat for the CPN in parliament. Reb Chajim Hurwitz Reb Chajim Hurwitz was a particularly colorful character, although he was always dressed in black. He came from Bellinowitz, in Russian Poland, and he had come to Amersfoort at a very young age.

He led the community for more than 60 years. He had a Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator, Jacob, who at the age of 24 wanted to marry Sara Bakker. Reb Chajim Housewives looking sex tonight Esperance disagreed and did not give his approval. Although the community respected him, they stood as a wall around the young man. In the Townhall we see the delegation show up: Raphael Schaap, delegate of the first class States-lottery; Mozes de Zoete, hatter; Gerrit van Gelder, tobacco-salesman and even chanter Soesman van Itallie.

The couple Hurwitz had four children who all stayed alive. For those children and the children de Vries and the children of baker Snatager and those of the tailors Lombard and van Duuren, of the butchers van der Sluis, van Gelder and van Beek from Nijkerk there were two schools in General and religious education was taught in both schools.

And if we think that only Womann newspapers publish letters, nothing is less true. In appears a published letter in the national Jewish press, about the miserable condition Amersfoorg Jewish education in Amersfoort. And whose fault is that — of the teacher and the council for the poor, who keep supporting them financially. For weeks on end a discussion is going on, about the qualities of the teacher Abraham Jacob Klasser. Satisfied Amrsfoort interfere. A good teacher, who gets bad pay and has to put up a trade in trinkets to keep going, cannot dedicate himself to education!

But he did a lot better than Awrohom Hagenau who in the 18th century taught children Torah and Jewish morality. There were quite a few school-keepers here in Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator beginning, but the surname de Vries has remained alive as such in Amersfoort's Jewish history, in this connotation.

In Jacob van Dam was appointed here as minister and teacher. He has served the community faithfully till his deportation in While decorating her house at the Schimmelpennickstreet a few years ago Rita Hunink found a love-letter of him.

She contacted his daughter, who had, in contrast to her parents, survived the Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator, and had ended up with her family in America. She came personally to accept the letter, and she was a guest of honor at the presentation of the book about decoeator Schimmelpenninck-area. Cecorator why in a separate Society for benefit of Jews was founded. On December 26, a department was put up in Amersfoort as well.

The Aersfoort community was very dfcorator and a Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator was written about it in the Jewish press. That was in Five years later this honor was bestowed on the book- and art-salesman in Amersfoort, Philip Meijers. This Abraham Herschel, who lived from tillwas besides being a member of the touvh, also member of the governors of Public Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator and president-commissioner of the then existing streetcar-association of Amersfoort.

Particular is, that he was knight of the civilian order of Jesus Christ of Portugal. This decoration he got for his services in connection with the tobacco-regime. In the years of World War I he was a member of the State-distribution-committee for tobacco as well.

Ddecorator was once property of Abraham Herschel and it decoratog designed at the turn of the century by H. A chewre which still exists is Naughty Adult Dating bristol women xxx chewre Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator, which is engaged in taking terminal care, looking after the dead and preparing the funeral.

But also to relaxation attention was paid. Woma M.

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Zadoks Single horny moms Wan Pa-pun teacher J. The whole Jewish community was members and Phili Rintel, probably still remembered by older people from Amersfoort was the chairman till After the war it was Phili Rintel who put in all his energy for the Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator of the Jewish community in Amersfoort, in which he succeeded splendidly.

Unfortunately he was killed in in Poland. Now they get probably a deepfreeze meal from that centre. Special people Out of many newspaper-reports it is striking that many Jews have contributed a lot to the Jewish community and to general social life as well.

Next to the active Herschels we find for example the surgeon and obstetrician Levi Efraim Visser, who had studied medicine in Utrecht and who celebrated on May 18, the 50 Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator existence of his practice.

He had studied medicine in Utrecht. He was the son of Kaatje Herschel, who had been widowed at Amrsfoort early age and in addition to being a saleswoman, she had to bring up eight kids as well.

Levi Efraim Visser fulfilled toucn functions in his Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator life.

So it was no surprise that the mayor, the alderman and the secretary of the civil community-council participated in his funeral at the cemetery at the Bloemendalse Poort.

In legal matters we find solicitor Mr. Jacobus Bernardus Heijmans, born about in Nijmegen and Amerefoort to a degree of doctor in in Leiden, after which he settled in Amersfoort as a lawyer. According to Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator document of he was appointed attorney by the empress-governess of France ,being apparently the oldest attorney and judge-deputy in the empire, the former mentioned function he maintained 55 years and the latter one 30 years. We read about him that he was an ex-captain at the functioning home-guard, ex-plaintiff Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator the council of the home-guard, curator of the Latin schools and a Women want sex Bull Valley member of the head-council of Jewish affairs.

He was president of the commission of Jewish public-schools commission, together with L.

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Visser, treasurer; R. Schaap, secretary; J. Herschel, member, the other great figures of the Jewish community.

Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator

When he died at the age of 87, he still was chairman of the Jewish community. His mother was Abigail Cohen, from the important Cohen-family in Amersfoort.

In Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator young years his cousin, Godert Cohen was sent from Nijmegen to Amersfoort, to learn the book-trade at S. Between these two cousins grew a longstanding friendship which remained all their lives. Although the Cohens furthered the sale in tobacco everywhere and did well themselves, in Nijmegen it did not live up to their Wonan.

Jacob Schulman and the treasure of Amersfoort Inwith the rebuilding of the house of Anna van der Heijden in the Nieuwstraat a special discovery was made, which consisted of one big and two small jars with gold- and silver Single sexy Shakopee looking for same. The big jar contained They called the specialist Jacob Schulman.

He immediately saw that there were a few very exceptional pieces. The oldest coin was from and the youngest from So the Amersgoort must have been hidden Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator about years. On the 26th of February the coins were temporarily moved to the Royal Cabinet decoratorr coins, medals and engraved stones in The Hague, where they were described and on July 18,they were sold xecorator Amsterdam.

Jacob Schulman came originally from Hilversum and his hobby was assembling coins from the then Dutch-Indies, and medals. From his Woman s touch Amersfoort decorator he made a profession.

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