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Many thousands of aeons ago in a spirit world which some call 'MANIDJIRANGAMAD' which is in the fifth dimension, there dwelt a clan of spirits that had lapsed into a pleasant stagnation.

One day 'BAIAME' the leader of this clan, called his people together and told them, "A restlessness has stirred itself within me, and I begin to feel that we should travel through the dimensions of the universe seeking greater experience and knowledge, for our powers are becoming weak and our spirit children have no purpose and reason."

"That is true" replied 'NEPELLE', a spirit of great wisdom, "our intelligence must strive against adversities in order to temper and strengthen itself, our strength, and our world must be regenerated."

Baiame said "In order to achieve this, we must be able to travel beyond our world as other spirits have done, all the life forms of our world must be able to manifest themselves upon other worlds, I feel that this is the only solution to that element which disturbs us."

Then spoke 'PUCKOWIE', the grandmother spirit, "I am one of the ancient ones yet through my ageless years never have I spoken with anyone that has been outside this world, nor do I even know the way, the 'INAPATUA' have no other outlet than this world, and form up here as spirit children, lacking completely in experience and knowledge other than that which we pass on into their minds. Did we not all come about this way?"

"What PUCKOWIE says is true", replied 'KARORA', also do we know the answer to what happens to our ancient ones? At one time they are with us and then they are gone and we see them no more, their elements just discharge and we know not what it is all about?"

"Lets face it", said BAIAME, there is much we do not know about, but why at this moment in time do we find a restlessness within us and the need to know these answers? What has happened to us, that after all these aeons we now find the need to question things? But this I do know, this unexplainable restlessness within us makes us want to seek out knowledge and experience new things, we have found that we are lacking the strength of knowledge among ourselves, thus we must seek these things from an outside source."

Just at that moment a brilliant light appeared among them and a strange spirit appeared, it was 'YAHI', a goddess of the sun, in her right hand she carried a sistrum (rattle) and when she shook it, it disturbed the peace and serenity.

BAIAME jumped to his feet and said, "Who are you, strange spirit, for I feel sure that it is your presence among us that has created our unrest?"

The Goddess smiled and replied, "When peace and serenity rules alone, the mind is untroubled and becomes stagnant, not comprehending, not concerning itself, thus it ceases to become a gatherer of wisdom, and eventually fades to unawareness. This sistrum has disturbed the stillness of your minds creating ripples as the waters that have been disturbed by a pebble, now your minds reach out, you begin to look upon things and question, you begin to take heed, you begin to regard things and ponder over them. After all these aeons of stillness, a curiosity and striving force has formed within you and you are ready to temper yourselves and gather strength from the universe. Who knows to what remote parts of the universe this new-born element will take you, what strength and knowledge will you accumulate?"

The Goddess shook the sistrum again, and although no audible sound came from it, waves of disturbance ran through the clan.

BAIAME said, "We shall take that instrument off you and thgen our peace shall return." The Goddess replied, "If you can catch me and take this sistrum off me, I will show you the way thgrough the great vortex's of time."

The clan conferred together, "Let us catch her that we may return to our peace and rest", said some... but others said, "Let us try to catch her that we may learn the way through these great vortex's of time."

The clan argued together until at last BAIAME said, "Wait, what has happened to us? We are divided in our opinions, our minds are no longer united, we are striving with our minds against each other, each has formed an individual will of its own."

"That is right, called the goddess, "You have each formed an individual will, and your natures will now separate." 

Then spoke NEPELLE, "Let us catch the Goddess first, and then we shall decide what we want, for what is the use of arguing over something that we have not yet achieved, and the clan agreed that NEPELLE was right.

"That is good", called the Goddess, "you have developed a logic and this will aid you in your strivings."

And so it was that the clan hunted and tried to catch the Goddess, but she was elusive and full of strategies.

The clan began to realise that it was impossible to catch the Goddess, unless they also could work out some kind of strategy or devise some means of trapping her, thus they began to seek ideas and invent different kinds of traps, and their minds began to become more fertile.

Time went on, but whatever the clan devised, the Goddess always outwitted them and eluded capture, until on day when their minds had increased a great deal, NEPELLE had an idea and called the clan together. Thus spoke NEPELLE, "Have we not found out, that necessity is the force that motivates us towards invention, thus has not one of our activities become the creating of things? Our minds have devised many inventions, and all of these are good and will serve us in many ways should we travel through the dimensions of the universe, but never the less, in catching the Goddess, these things have prov ed to be of little use, we must try to reason how her mind works and trap her by the elements of her own mind."

"I do not understand what you mean?" said BAIAME, "Would you please explain to us your reasoning?" NEPELLE replied, "The Goddess has great wisdom, but this great wisdom was only accumulated through her great curiosity, is this not so? So we will trap her through her curiosity", and NEPELLE outlined his plan to the clan, and the clan agreed that NEPELLE had made a great discovery.

And so it was the next day, when the Goddess appeared shaking her sistrum, the clan ignored her, and looking in another direction, KARORA and his sons pointed at something and shouted, "There it goes, lets catch it."

The clan went chasing off in another direction to the Goddess, but NEPELLE stood where he was and called to them, "Look, there is the Goddess standing there", but the clan called back, "Never mind her, come help us catch this thing." NEPELLE went running off with the rest of the clan.

The Goddess YAHI was greatly bewildered, and followed at a distance trying hard to see what i was the clan was chasing, but she could not see anything and this puzzled her greatly.

Suddenly the clan dived upon something, with a triumphant shout and seemed to be struggling with something on the ground. The Goddess drew nearer and shook her sistrum as hard as she could, but the clansmen barely gave her a glance and continued with their struggle with whatever it was that was under them. This was too much for the Goddess. What was it that was more important than catching her?, so walking over she tried hard to peer under the pile of bodies to see what it was they had caught.

But the Goddess could see nothing and her curiosity began to really grip her, so walking right over to the clansmen, she began trying to push them aside, saying, "What is it that you have caught?"

All of a sudden the clansmen jumped upon her, seizing her. BAIAME shouted triumphantly, "It is you we have caught YAHI!"

YAHI laughed and said, "I can see that you have learned a strategy of the mind, your minds have advanced a long way, it is time for you to take your place in the universe and I shall show you the way."

But one of the younger spirits named 'YOWIE' had become so overcome by the long strivings to catch the Goddess, and anger had developed strong in him, that he began punching and biting the Goddess. YAHI threw a protective shield of light around herself, and BAIAME and the rest of the clan seized YOWIE and bound him.

BAIAME was angry, and said to YOWIE, what you have just done would bring shame to our whole clan, if I did not punish you, you shall no longer be a member of this clan, we shall take you with us and banish you in between the third and the fourth dimensions, you shall no longer be a part of the spirit world, nor shall you enter the land of mortals, you shall inhabit a bestial form being only able to appear for brief moments, you shall serve as a warning to all who would sink into bestial ways."

The striving element had now fully developed within the whole of the clan and all chose to travel with the Goddess, so the Goddess YAHI led them through the great vortex's of time top the third dimension where they could become embodied in matter and experience the full impact of pain and pleasure, learning under the laws of cause and effect.

In the fourth dimension, they were met by the great rulers of the universe themselves who admitted them into the mainstream of life, telling them, "You have been given a large continent on the level of TERA, you may make of it what you will. Not all of you will become emodied in matter, for it is needed of the great spirits of your clan, to sustain and look after those in the flesh, but those great spirits will also gather experience through your collective mind."

This continent was named 'PAMANYUNGAN' and BAIAME divided it up among the greatest spirits of his clan, and these became the Great Father Spirits of the Aboriginal nations, and assisted by the powers of the Goddess YAHI, the Great Father Spirits were able to sustain their people, and developed their part of TERA according to their strength.


Credits and thanks to the Aunt Minnie (Lenore) Mace and the Assemblies of Baiame

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