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Sonya van Gelder

Independent Researcher, Writer and Yoga Teacher

Growing up in Africa, New Zealand & Australia, Sonya gained a keen interest in the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples worldwide. With over 30 years of personal research into the ancient mysteries and esoteric teachings, she was further inspired when she journeyed to Egypt with renowned authors, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock in 2011.

Sonya’s continuing research has led her to many of Australia’s significant sacred areas and to working closely with original elders. A special area of interest for her is the now famous Gosford Glyphs. She has studied this area extensively and her research may help to prove the authenticity of the controversial Egyptian Hieroglyphs that were discovered here (during modern times) in the early 1900’s.

Feeling a deep connection to and a mutual respect for the aboriginal elders and their stories, Sonya feels it is of vital importance to take a closer look at the ancient aboriginal lore and explore its multi-level significance both locally and globally. Her astounding findings point to an entirely different history of Australia and its global connections, including Egypt, than the one that we have been told in our text books. She believes that it is essential that we unite to protect the sanctity of this lore and the sacred sites that exhibit unique characteristics and hold many secrets within them.

Sonya is currently writing a book that will explore the similarities in the symbolism and mythologies within our ancient mysteries worldwide-connecting many dots and helping to bring humanity to a greater awareness of significant truths to who we really are and of the esoteric wisdom and spirituality that was once a global understanding.

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